Saturday, December 20, 2008

Its not all puppies around here

And today was a great sunshiny day, so a good day to take some pictures. I needed to send a couple of pictures to someone so they could see whatever is going on with Roi'si'n's eyelid (just some puppy thing, I think, but it is always wise to get a second opinion). Annie took some really gorgeous pictures today, so here she is, in the sunshine. Another picture is of her outside. She loves to go outside with us, but can't stay out for long because it is too cold.

Roi'si'n is getting very silly. She makes me laugh so hard sometimes and it is great to have something in my life that is lively & silly. She chased a squirrel today, and I think was pretty close to getting him. I wish the squirrels would get a clue and not risk their lives in this yard. That part I didn't laugh about, but I am impressed! She is learning to back up on command, but the spinning, if I make her spin more than once, she bites my sleeves. I don't think the agility judges will be impressed if she nips me in the ring. ;)

A few days ago, I sang Silent Night and Ro'isi'n actually barked at me! Then she got up in my lap and got eyeball to eyeball with me, which makes it really hard to concentrate on singing. Either she doesn't like my voice or she doesn't like the pitches in that song, because she paid attention to Silent Night on the TV too. I'll have to practice singing in bass. (ha ha)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Trip to Hazel Ridge

I went to Gijsbert & Robbyn van Frankenhuyzen's farm, Hazel Ridge, for the open house they had this past weekend. They had invited people to also hike on the farm if conditions were right. So, of course I asked if Ro'isi'n could come along & they said yes! She had a great time & it is the first time I had her off leash. Bridie was offleash very early on, but we were in an area where this worked out ok, and in this more urban environment, it is much harder to find places where it is safe for Ro to be off lead. She stayed close, checked on me periodically, and it was a good experience for both of us. She also ice skated on the ponds, much to my dismay, but did ok, and didn't break the ice & fall in. It was very hard to get a picture of her because my battery ran low and also, she would dart away or turn, so I'd get rear end pictures or blurs. Still fun to try it out.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Roisin makes friends

Today, we went up to visit an open house at a local artist's studio, but got lost. So we went to two locally owned petstores, and visited the people inside (and purchased chewies. Roi'isin's teeth are coming out and her big teeth are coming in!) and then we went to the Threadbear & I showed her off there too. The two guys who own the place were happy to meet her. They have two resident dogs there, and those two boys were also happy to meet Ro'isin, who was her usual silly self. One lady there recognized the breed, which is very cool. Very good socialization and I had a tired puppy when I got home. We're going to try for the open house tomorrow at 11, and I hope to have a chance to hike with her on the back forty. Should be fun, and she needs the exercise.

She also had a bath today, since she's been digging up the back yard. It is something puppies do, but meanwhile, I have black footprints on my floors. Good thing I don't mind. ;)

Update on Ro'isi'n's fun & games

Just lost this post when the computer froze up & dumped everything. Anyway, brief update on Ro'isin, I have just taught her to shake hands & she loves it. I know it is one of the easier things to teach dogs, but I'm still very proud of her for learning this in less than a day. Will have to get family to take a picture of her shaking so you all can see it. Meanwhile, to tide you over, here's one of my favorites, probably already posted, but a good picture is well worth sharing again, right?

Monday, December 01, 2008

Ro'isin & her litter pictures (take two)

Yes, I'm reusing the blog title from a previous post and for some reason, if I knew enough French, I would start out with some really apposite French phrase, to the effect of Life changes every day. Oh well. ;) Ro'isi'n is growing up! The vet visit today revealed that she now weighs at least 18 pounds, which is much as my old cat, Cooky, weighed at his heaviest. She is also cutting teeth & has at least two adult teeth peeking through and no teeth at all on the bottom. If dogs smiled with their teeth exposed, she'd look like those cute pictures of kids with missing teeth.

She's big now, although I know it is hard to tell from the pictures. I don't know whether she's bigger than usual, but I do think she's very mature and very advanced physically. She was able to "tightrope walk" on the beams in my backyard when she was 8 weeks old. She's darn cute too. What, me biased?

Aren't those little puppy faces cute? I feel like Ro'isi'n is growing up way too fast! But every stage is fun and she learns more every day. She's also naughtier every day. I'm going to have to get Annie a bigger (taller) cat condo, so she can get away from Ro'isi'n more easily. Trouble is, I don't know if Annie's having fun smacking Ro'isi'n or if she dislikes this harassment. Wish I could ask & get a straight answer....