Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter update

Official start of winter isn't far off! We have snow, but apparently not as much as North Carolina & DC area, which is too bad. We're more used to it than they are, poor souls.

Rosy & I went to the obedience club to practice with friends, one with a Papillon and one with a very large black standard poodle. The Papillon after a while decided that it needed to nip Rosy several times. I guess she was annoying him. She didn't seem fazed by it & in fact behaved very much the way she does when Annie snarls & smacks her. We broke up the melee, and took Rosy off to practice outside the ring by herself. She's learning how to walk on a loose lead (very difficult in that building with the distractions of two other dogs) and how to wait/stay for a few seconds. She's getting there. Very smart girl. (do I sound biased? )

Showed how to teach down (as your hand goes up in the down signal, and played the recall game with the big poodle as well. That was actually kind of interesting, since he's almost too tall to play this game & has to duck between my legs to fit through. I'm used to playing with short dogs. Then we played with gloves for the utility directed retrieve. Rosy's problem is that she grabs the glove & goes gallivanting off to show it to everyone in the building before she comes back. Then she drops it half way back. She's such a puppy. (and a really fun one).

Off for birthday lunch with a friend at Aladdins.