Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ricky passes

Ricky was Gingerwood's Partners In Crime. He's the little guy at the top of the picture, and Bridie is below, with the happy face. His other names were Rick, Ricardo, Richard the Claw (for his habit of pawing whatever he was near to get people's attention). He was an absolute sweetheart, and his only goal was to be near the people he loved. Since he had severe anxiety (separation and other kinds), he was retired from the show ring early on, and my parents had him for the last ten and a half years. He turned twelve on the 3rd of July this year.

I called him Grumpy Old Man, because he was the disciplinarian. Fiona, the black lab took great delight in teasing him gently. He'd bark at her & she'd lick his face gently. He'd get grumpy & you could tell from her demeanor that she thought this was funny & it looked like she was saying, "I know you're grumpy, but I love you lots." They were best buddies when she came here about six years ago. He adored Bridie and his huge stuffed teddy bear with all of his little doggie heart.

Just a couple of weeks ago, he started to lose control of his hindquarters. A doses of prednisone seemed to help, but he developed seizures. The vet believes he had brain lesions or a brain tumor. He went gently to sleep on Friday, one of the best good old boys I've ever had in my life. Rest in peace, dear Ricky, your only goal was to watch over us all, and you did a very good job of that.