Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rosy's update

Rosy now has a new harness and it is in dusty Rose to fit her name. She looks cute & this new harness isn't as big as the old one, purchased nearly sixteen years ago. She's also going great guns & getting more & more confidence in tracking. She's great to track with & a great deal of fun. Growing up by the day.

And I can see her from the window, digging a hole to bury her rawhide in. Remarkable that both she & Bridie both liked to take their rawhides out to season. Although in Bridie's case, I think Bridie also wanted to take the rawhides out so the cats wouldn't look at them. As if the cats even wanted to chew on them! (they didn't but she was firmly convinced they had nefarious plans on her rawhides).