Thursday, April 03, 2008

way too busy, but also lots of fun

Am helping cook for the family reunion this coming weekend. Didn't want all of you out there to think I'd forgotten you!

Last night, Austrian Raspberry Shortbread (and several of my coworkers want a piece, so I'm taking it to work for them), Korova (World Peace) Cookies, plus I picked up the ingredients for the other dishes.

Tonight : seasoned Oyster Crackers (will post recipe later), poppy seed bread (again, later), the morning glory muffin mix from Williams & Sonoma (using my brand new silicone muffin cups.. they're wonderful!) , tapioca pudding.

Tomorrow's plans are for me to do the preliminary work on the artichoke gratinata & the "World's Greatest Green Bean Casserole", pack the car, and then head for home. I'll work a few hrs at work first though.

So far, the family reunion will include family from New Mexico, Ohio, California, South Dakota, and one other state... of course, Michigan! I think 21 people are coming, which probably means the Colorado people aren't coming. Rats. But we'll certainly have a full house & I hope the food helps out. Sis is doing the entrees.

Still reading Jane Austen's letters. She's as charming in her letters but with more biting wit, as in her novels.

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jane said...

What is your sister making for her entrees' I'm getting hungry reading about all of the dishes.