Sunday, November 09, 2008

roisin, election day, busy

Busy week, busy weekend, and lots going on. Managed to vote, and no, I didn't take Ro'isin in with me, as I once took Bridie. I thought standing in line for a long time was not a great idea with a puppy as active as Ro'isin. Although she might have passed the time away more happily and cheered up some of the grouchy people in line with me. Met a neighbor, who I think will be great to be friends with, so that was an added bonus & then we went walking in the neighborhood and Ro'isin got into someone's garden & chewed up a marker and tried to chew up their string fence. Fortunately the people were very understanding & really enjoyed Ro'isin's wild Puppyness.

This weekend, we had a visit from sis & her black lab. Fiona is wonderfully patient with Ro'isin, but did do some attitude adjustment, most notably when Ro'isin decided to help herself to Fiona's food or to Fiona's rawhide. And then there was the ear nipping incident. You could see Ro'isin taking notes mentally, "this is how big dogs behave." But when Fiona left, Ro'isin celebrated by chewing up a paperback book at my feet. It is amazing how quickly she gets into & tears up stuff.

I think I need to buy a house with no furniture or books on the first floor. ;) She's growing like a weed & has these long skinny legs. She knows sit well, down less well, and stand quite well. We're also working on the recall command, which I think will be very important in our futures. Good times ahead, and good times now.... but busy.

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