Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ro'isin & her litter pictures

Thought you all might enjoy the Most Recent picture. Right now I am busy teaching Ro'isin not to chew shoes, shoelaces, nip clothing or my face, tear up picture, tease the cat, you know, all the normal puppy things. ;) She's a darling & we go for walks nearly every day. I have to say, after watching her tear around the backyard after one of our walks that I think she exercises herself better than I exercise her. Wish I had even a tenth of her energy! Am working on it. I do push-ups daily and am thinking I should do them three times a day, so I am prepared when she is full grown....

In this picture, you can see the white tip on her tail. Also, she is wearing a half-way collar, which has been expanded twice in the last week. It is a Lupine collar. I really prefer the martingales, but she is a little young for it, so she currently is walked on a Premier harness, which has made her much easier to walk with. She may be young, but she pulls hard. She's growing fast and is now lean, long-legged, and just as beautiful as ever. Very intelligent too! She figures out most things very fast. I am hoping she does not learn to jump the puppy gates, but I have a feeling (remembering Bridie) that she may. She is still teasing Annie, but sometimes I think Annie doesn't really mind too much & is entertained by this. Not sure though. Ro'isin is fascinated by Annie's long fluffy tail, and Annie is very protective of this beautiful tail. I hope Ro'isin doesn't get a hold of it one day, or she may get a very big surprise.

You should see Ro'isin's head tilt when I talk to her. She looks like the RCA Victor dog. Just now, I sang to her, and she thought this was fascinating, at least for a while. She was born August 15, so this makes her, what, nearly three months old? Wow! Nearly one month that she has lived with me and it feels like she's been here forever.

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