Friday, November 14, 2008

Wriggly Ro'isin a week or two after I got her

Can anyone say wriggly puppy five times fast? This picture, with Charley, a friend, is one of about fifteen pictures I took. Charley's having fun, and Ro'isin is all over the place. I think she was about nine or ten weeks old here. And yes, this is probably the best picture of the two of them together, because I kept cutting someone's head off or else Ro'isin would look headless, because she moved each time the camera snapped. Too funny for words!


Mom said...

Kim, I finally got around to looking at your blog. Love the pics--and how nice to see Bridie, too. Ro'isin is a beautiful puppy, and I'm sure she'll give you lots of love:)

Linda (from the other website)

Mom said...

By the way, "Mom" is my name on Dan's blog, and it's my google ID here too, I guess:)