Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rosy & Annie and the mysterious paper bag

Here's Annie, sitting inside Roi'si'n's exercise pen, which is in the backyard, so I can deposit her in there for a variety of reasons. Such as when she tried to help with the painting the garage project or when she was nipping me unmercifully.

As it is, now that Roi'si'n knows that nipping me means all the fun is over, the exercise pen is now used so Annie can be out in the backyard with us, so that Rosy doesn't try to play with her, which Annie, for some odd (coff) reason, doesn't appreciate much.

Today, we had the adventure of the mysterious paper bag. Went grocery shopping and we heard a lot of rustling coming from the kitchen after I'd unpacked the bags. Ro wanted to go in there & see what was going on and.... help. I knew that the rustling was probably Annie, and given her liking for bags, she was probably not going to appreciate help, so I put the baby gate up & put the bag on its side so Annie could get in. She loves this.

But just now, I let Ro in from outside, and Annie was in the bag with just part of her back feet sticking out. Ro went over to look, and an angry cat face appeared & she got her face smacked. I called her back & kept her away & Annie eventually came out & went up on the table. Rosy then walked slowly over to the bag and looked inside, poking it with her nose, as much as to say, "Hey, where'd that thing go? I wanted to play with it!"

Why dogs want to play with scratchy things that smack their faces is beyond me. Sure fun to watch Ro looking at the bag hopefully.

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