Saturday, January 31, 2009

just got out of puppy class

And Rosy was a star. She knows a lot already, very smart girl, & is wonderfully responsive. The one thing she wouldn't work on with the instructor was the leave it command, mostly because she wanted to go play with the other puppies more than she wanted food. Funny girl. She's more & more wonderful every day. Annie even got down on the floor four times yesterday & bumped noses with Rosy. She goes away as soon as Rosy gets too interested in sniffing her, but things are greatly improving. Rosy seems to be getting it that I don't want her to chase Annie and ever since the new (very tall, close to five & a half feet) cat condo was installed, Annie's been happier too. I'll have to get pictures of Annie in the new cat condo up soon. Meanwhile, here's another good picture of Rosy.

And a good quote: Choices are the hinges of destiny."
– Pythagoras

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