Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday updates

Had a pretty tranquil day. Just made artichokes gratinata, a chili (midwestern style, so with beans added and some other vegetables), roasted red pepper spread and should be set for the week ahead. Can't wait to get to my Friday off. I plan to take Rosy to the dog park in the morning. Here's hoping it isn't too cold.

Changed the picture in the last post too, since I thought the one I uploaded was a tad too blurry. Here's one of Annie & Rosy together. Rosy used to run around the outside of this pen, barking. It used to scare Annie a little, until she finally realized that Rosy really couldn't reach her & was just being noisy. One of them just knocked a pan off the table, so I have to go comfort them all with treats. Poor babies. I think I need more kitchen space. Doesn't everyone.

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