Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rosy graduates from puppy class

And plays with the paper shredder. Not to worry, I have it unplugged, so if she licks it, it won't pull her tongue in. For some reason, she thinks it is fun to grab at the mail as it goes through the shredder and also likes to watch the paper drop into the bin, through the plastic window. Silly pooch.

She was a good demonstration dog again, and demo'ed puppy pushups. This is where you make the puppy do a down, then a sit, and back to a down again, several times. Rosy's very good at this, because she's known this since she was 8 weeks old. I'm used to her doing this, so wasn't prepared for the people in the class laughing. Apparently they thought she was cute! I think she's cute too. They promptly started trying it out with their puppies too.

We also had puppy dressup, where you run down, call your puppy to you, put something on the puppy & run back with the puppy. Rosy looked confused to have a purple zip-up vest on. They had bobbing for treats, but Rosy wanted to drink the water, so of course, the other puppies drank the water too, until the level was low enough to get the treats out without dunking their noses in the water. Too silly. It was a good class. I'm hoping we'll be in other classes together, but we'll see.

Will take Manners I next, starting in March.

I have several times called Rosy Nosy instead. Oops! But she is nosy, as all puppies are, I think. She & Annie are continuing to bump noses, and this past weekend, Annie was more congenial toward Rosy than I have ever seen her. It is still going to take Rosy time to settle down & treat Annie nicely consistently.

By the way, if you don't already have a shredder, get one. I have the cross cut one now (the old one burned out & this was the one that just turned paper into long strips). The cross cut one holds more shreddings, because the paper is more compacted due to its size after cutting. Had a blast, and shredded two large trash bags full of stuff.

On the reading front, re-read Robin McKinley's Chalice, which again is good for anyone who loves bees or honey. It is a fantasy. Also read Jacqueline Sheehan's Lost & Found. Adored this one. There is a black lab in it, and a wounded woman. It is a mystery, I think, but I think it is billed as fiction. Lovely story of coping with loss, grief, and how differently people deal with it. The black lab is dealt with in a lovely way, and the chapters dealing with what he's thinking & why he's doing what he does are done well. Doesn't seem like soppy sentimentalism & anthropomorphism, which I really hate.

The other book is Flying Changes by Sara Gruen. This is another book dealing with loss, but also about learning to let go. To say too much about the plot would ruin it, but it is another animal book, so's to speak, in that horses are talked about a lot in this book. Not to the detriment, even if you're not a horse lover. Highly recommended.

More later. I'm cooking pistachio chicken, and going to make soup for the week ahead. Soup is always fun. You just fling everything you like together. (ok, so there's more to it than that, but that's the basic for me). I'm also going to try my first London Broil. Pray for me. (yikes). It is marinating now, so I'm debating whether to wait until tomorrow or do it tonight. Supposedly it is better if you let it marinate overnight. Would all day suffice? Who knows.

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