Monday, February 23, 2009

Rosy ran away today (but thank goodness for the neighbors)

Because they caught her. They'd left with their two dogs to go for a walk & she ran after them, in typical puppy fashion. That was quite an heart attack, because she came back, saw me in the open gate, and then ran off again. Boy, she's fast.

We think her head hit the gate latch & popped the gate open. I really need a new fence. Maybe the tax return will help.

On the good news front, apart from getting Rosy back safely, I also managed to cut ALL of her toenails, while she was busy eating doggie bones. Amazing how well that works, I'm not sure eating food would distract ME if someone else was cutting my nails. Yeek.

In this picture, I think she looks comparatively innocent. I love these pictures of the dogs looking into or out of windows. She's obviously thinking, "Mom, come out and play!" I need a couple of acres of land (fenced) for her to gallop around & really exercise. Am going to make pumpkin walnut bread to thank the neighbors. Maybe chocolate chip cookies too.

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