Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Early pic of Rosy

This is a picture from the fall, early on. She's doubled in weight since then and now weighs 36 pounds, unless she had a foot off the scale. ;) She's a wriggler! The picture is in here mostly so you can see her favorite toy of all time... a rose pot!

She really does love this thing and with the snow melted off, we have rediscovered the buried snow pots & she ran to the back fence to show them off to the next door dogs, who are not impressed. Oh well. The glory of rose pots will have to wait for another day. Rosy & I will just enjoy them together.

Sure is fun to have the break from all the hard snow & ice. Have to report also that Rosy & I watched Westminster together. And yes, Rosy really does watch TV, especially when there are animals on there. Annie does this too, and I think I've mentioned before that she especially likes the moose from Northern Exposure. She was fascinated by the tiger cubs too, and I'd like to see Rosy's reaction to tiger cubs. Full grown tigers might be too scary right now, since she's so young.

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