Sunday, February 08, 2009

My house

This is my little house, with lots of snow too. Wouldn't it be nice if both Annie & Roi'sin were peeking out the front window? Bridie & Annie used to do that & I see more & more signs each day that someday Rosy & Annie will do that also. For now, Annie stays up high, especially on her new cat condo, so that Rosy doesn't flatten her. It is very obvious that Rosy likes Annie (and vice versa) but Annie is understandably cautious around my wild puppy.

Nice brillant day today, and I took Roi'sin for a walk. She was very good, but we both were skidding over the black ice, which is impossible to see and which is caused by the snow melt & refreeze. The sun is wonderful & I love the change from grey & snowy to sunny.

Starting Monday, Rosy and I are looking forward to Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show for 2009

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