Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hectic schedules

Sorry its taken so long to post again. Rosy's Manners I class will start next week on the 17th. She got to go in on Tuesday and get fitted for her next harness. I could still get the old harness on, but it looked way too short for her. This one fits much better & she was galloping around the room very cheerfully, while playing with two large golden retrievers.

She was having a ton of fun & the one boy dog thought having two girl dogs to play with was just so very exciting. Very silly puppies.

She's at 30 pounds, I think. She wriggles so much it is hard to tell. Top weight will probably be between 40-50 pounds. She's at her top height (or at least, she's as tall as Ricky, who is 19 inches at the shoulder) so I wonder if she'll fill out now, rather than grow any taller. We'll see. She's also had a set of tracking lessons & she's doing really well. Now to work on the handler's skills!

As gorgeous as ever, enough so that most of the people at the pet store didn't mind her jumping on them. I do try to stop it, but she's relentless (and wriggly, so it is hard to hold her still). One lady in particular stood way too close and scowled every time Rosy jumped on her. I apologized, but really, she could've given us more room & we would all have been happier. She quite obviously didn't like dogs and was buying food for snakes. So one of those people. Oh well. ;) The picture above is of Rosy in mid-jump.

Time for jumping practice (aka - teaching her not to jump on people).

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