Friday, March 20, 2009

March winds and rain

Hi, sorry it has been a while again. Lots going on, very busy. Work life remains precarious, but the state government has introduced a bill with funding in it for my department. We have some faint hope of survival. And spring is imminent. I know the official date of spring was this Friday, but for me, spring begins when my daffodils begin to bloom.

Rosy is, of course, as blooming as ever. She had her first trip to the vet since her follow up puppy vaccinations and was a silly wild puppy. They took her in the back to take blood from her and she sauntered off without even a look back at me. They all enjoyed her & thought she was beautiful. A balm to this dog-loving heart!

Annie-the-cat, on the other hand, had a terrible time. She's become increasingly frightened with each trip to the vet. Today I asked why her gums & tongue looked so odd and the vet said, "She's holding her breath." Annie was literally turning blue. Poor Annie. She has to go back in for another teeth cleaning and I was hoping my ritual tartar cookies, etc. would help clean her teeth. Not this time. She had white teeth until I gave her Kitty Caviar. I sure wish I had never given her that crap. (ok, cats adore it. But on Annie, it stuck to her teeth and now she has had to go back in for several teeth cleanings since I gave her that stuff. Rats).

May have to investigate a home-visit vet. One of my friends is a substitute vet so I'm going to ask her what she thinks I should or can do. Poor Annie. She's such a good cat. She does not want to hurt anyone, not even puppy Rosy and she feels bad when she scratches someone. But she's terrified out of her wits.

Home & Garden show as a master gardener volunteer this weekend. I've done Thursday & Friday, will do Saturday. It is gorgeous and the gardens they've set up in there are absolutely glorious. If there's one nearby, go. It is great just for the sight, and they do have giveaways and freebies. Like yardsticks. You can never have too many yardsticks in your life, can you?

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