Saturday, March 21, 2009

Plants & garden shows

Two plant-related questions today, one about what that white flower with three leaves was called (Trillium, one of Michigan's native flowers) and the other was about what can you grow under a black walnut tree. (ANS: not a lot).

Black Walnut trees secrete a poison of some kind. Their roots pretty much kill any vegetation around them, the leaves & the nuts also kill things. Dogs that eat or mouth the walnuts can die from it, as the mold is pretty deadly as well. Moral of the story is, don't plant them if you have dogs around and especially don't plant them near your neighbor's property, because they won't be happy.

Will have a guy come from the Home & Garden show to give me an estimate on my fence replacement. It really needs to come down soon, as it is so rickety, I could kick the boards through. Rosy would be able to get out if she ever thought about it & I would prefer that she not get ideas about breaking through fences & climbing them. He had some nice ones on display, so my fingers are crossed on that one.

Here's a view of Nick & Robbyn van Frankenhuyzen's sleeping cabin on one of their ponds. It is a really cool place. Bet it looks great now with all the greening up that is going on here.

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