Friday, March 14, 2008

Alden B. Dow and other posts

Just so I don't forget it, here's a link to Henry Kisor's blog & geocaching

Have to say that the Alden B. Dow book is gorgeous. I'm still reading it, but never thought when I first saw it that I would read this all the way through. It looks like a coffee table book (which it is in a way, since the pictures are beautiful) but that very first line grabs your attention & makes you want to read the whole book all the way through. What a fabulous man & what an interesting mind he had.

And that first line? "Alden B. Dow was born.... and for want of an incubator, he was put in an oven." Just a fabulous beginning line.

On the agenda for reading now are Northanger Abbey & Persuasion, plus finishing Alden B. Dow. I also plan to go to our local independent bookseller to .... browse. If I'm smart, I won't buy much, but the temptation is hard to bear.

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