Tuesday, March 18, 2008

my first Tagged!

Thanks to Rachel Jagareski, Old Saratoga Books, I have just been tagged with my first meme.
In this meme, tagged bloggers are invited to share the contents of the whatever books they are currently dipping into and divulge lines 8 through 10 of page 123. Thanks, Rachel & nice to meet you.

The Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen : Northanger Abbey:

" -- but I never sing. Well, I wish you a good journey. I dine with Miss Tilney to-day, and must now be going home."

"Nay, but there is no such confounded hurry.--Who knows when we may be together again? -- Not but that I shall be down again by the end of a fortnight..." (Catherine & John Thorpe)

Such a funny passage between the two of them, full of misunderstandings!

Let's see what Alden B. Dow by Diane Maddex provides : Two very large pictures of the Alden B. Dow home & studio (this is a gorgeous studio) .... from the captions ... "he used Homasote sheets with wood battens on a wood frame to clad the first drafting room. Birdlike copper details with red "tails" channel water away from the building." (the earlier part of the caption says that in the 1930s, only the rare architect would dare use pressed-wood panels outside, especially in a climate as harsh as Michigan's... )

From Connecting the Dots by Tyree Guyton, and skipping to page 124, since page 123 is an photograph : "Aku Kadogo, a native Detroiter who lived in Sydney, sought Guyton's help in easing racial tension in the aftermath of riots in several aboriginal communities. Together they developed a project called Singing for the Country, which included the Aboriginal community and others from the general public in creating visual art, installation art, and peformance art... "

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