Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday the PI day update

Finished The Expeditions by Iagnemma yesterday & really liked the whole experience. He does a really nice job of portraying a realistic experience in a very different culture. It is remarkable how very different people just a century away from us were, and how hard their lives were. I also loved the father-son portrayal in this book. Two different (yet alike) people. I can't say a lot without ruining the experience for you, but I do recommend this book & I think anyone should give it a try.

Also finished Emma by Austen and had the pleasure of sharing the 123 page, fifth sentence & two sentences after meme with Sarah the Maine Bookseller. The excerpt actually captured the essence of Emma fairly well & was about Emma & Mrs. Weston talkig to each other about relationships & of course, if you've read it before or even seen the movie, you already know how so very wrong they both were. Again a very nice capsule picture of people from a very different time than ours, although in Emma, you feel tired of Mr. Woodhouse's constant health complaints, while when you read The Expeditions, you get tired just thinking about all the work people had to do just to survive. Imagine catching your food each day or finding it somehow. Imagine the poor cooking, unless you have a good guide

Yet another contrast to Emma's going picking strawberries at Mr. Knightley's place. Pretty cool set of books to read together.

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