Sunday, March 16, 2008

More cooking & more books

Made my first ever guacamole (recipe from Jenny's Use Real Butter blog) and vegetable Frittata, and feel well prepared for the week ahead, at least in terms of food & sticking to plan. The guacamole probably needed another pepper and I can see now that I needed to have prepared my avocado within a day after picking them up. Those things just don't last long around here. And I needed to put the lemon juice on pronto, as in making them the first ingredient into the bowl, instead of one of the last, because the avocados turned brown so quickly. Still tasted fine, and it is nice to have another recipe in my repertoire' and will make a good one to take to staff get-togethers.

Tried to finish Laura Lippman's What the Dead Know and unfortunately it isn't working for me. She's a good writer, but the main character is a bit depressed & whiny, and not what I wanted to mingle with at present. Just a case of the wrong book for me at this time. I read half the book and about 30 pages or more at the end and am done with it. So I looked into my bookstore bag & found.... Aunt Dimity Goes West! It is by Nancy Atherton, and is a cozy with a bit of the paranormal element, but done in a very nice way. I love Atherton's writing & her books are positive books, in spite of any mayhem that happens within them. I'm zipping through this one nicely. I love spending time in Nancy Atherton's world.

I'm saving the avocado pits to grow 'em. Wonder if I can start al three pits at once in the same pot & have a really big plant?

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