Saturday, March 15, 2008

Results of bookstore trip

It was a little hard to cut back, but I managed to whittle down the 12 books to just a few. I picked up the first Spiderwick Chronicles book : The Field Guide by DiTerlizzi and Black. Only 107 pages, and the book is small, so this was quick reading. This is another series like The Edge Chronicles that I will enjoy reading. Unlike The Edge, Spiderwick is definitely set in the 'real world' with just a tinge of fantasy.

The next book is by Patricia Reilly Giff. She's fabulous and I really enjoyed finding the earlier book by her that was set in WWII, back when Willow Run was first set up for people who built the war planes. That book was called Willow Run & was so well done on a number of levels, first that of a Southerner, a young girl who is trying to get used to the differences between South & North, in having her uncle gone, and in having to find a place to make new friends.

But this new book is equally terrific in its own way. It is the story of Hollis Woods, a girl who was abandoned as a baby & her wishes. Very beautiful book & the people in it are vividly displayed. The book won the Newberry Honor & that was an honor well deserved & the title is Pictures of Hollis Woods. (166pp)

Next on my list, a book by Laura Lippman.

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