Monday, March 10, 2008

Stuart Brent's Bookstore

I used to go to Stuart Brent's whenever I could. Living in Chicago for four & a half years gave me the chance to find some wonderful bookstores. I even saw Mr. Brent in the store once, but didn't dare go up & fawn all over him. Nearly always went straight to the children's book section in the lower level & loved reading Mr. Brent's book about his golden retriever. And I purchased it too. ;)

Here's a link to an obituary that was written for a former employee at Brent's. Mae Goodman was 101 years old, and Adam Brent is quoted in the article as saying she read two books at night. That's my goal too. Forget the housekeeping, read a book!

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sarahsbooks said...

Brent's memoir about his bookshop is "The Seven Stairs: an Adventure of the Heart" and I loved it - perhaps you've already read it - but if not, give it a try, if you loved his shop.