Monday, March 10, 2008

More reading in Expeditions

Sure do like Iagnemma's writing style. He gives a nice description of what the 1800s were like, complete with a bit of the sensory feeling, without going overboard on the description. I'm also reminded of Karl Bohnak (who wrote So Cold a Sky, a wonderful book on the UP's weather history) talking about how hard it was for the early people just to survive, get enough food to eat, what kind of food was available, etc. I'm surprised anyone survived. Our ancestors were sure tough people.

Below, some random links & interesting things I found out:

Because of the lab in this blog!

Everyone's favorite dish:

(and I never think about macaroni & cheese without thinking of the ... I can't remember where she was from, Greece, maybe?, at the UM Graduate library, who asked me if I had a recipe for baked macaloni and cheese. She was SO cute. I wish I had remembered to go back with my mom's recipe, but I never did.... I graduated & left for my new job in Chicago within a week of that conversation. I think) (a good way to use up junk mail) Lois Lowry recollects her favorite childhood books. I haven't read Humphrey, but have read the others.

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