Sunday, March 09, 2008

Expeditions by Iagnemma and several Austen books.

The Expeditions by Karl Iagnemma is set in the early days of Michigan's frontier. I'm up to page 89 and am really enjoying it. It rings true in so many ways. A friend was commenting to me a few weks ago that back in the "good old days" that people didn't smell very good, simply because water was not as readily available. Much of that sort of flavor is coming through in this novel in a very wonderful way... how people travelled with little simply because what you have, you had to carry for the most part, unless you were quite wealthy. The basic beginning to the plotline is that a young man who wants to be a naturalist (I think that's the correct term) is heading out into the wilderness with two men who are the leaders of the expedition. What happens to them as they head out is what I'm finding out now.

Really a beautifully written book.

Two other books that I'm reading for Masterpiece Theater's current series on Austen's books are Mansfield Park (which has already shown) and Emma, which I believe is coming up soon. I'm finding that I really enjoy all of Austen's work, possibly even more than I did because of seeing the recent biographical books about her. I am half way through Emma & about 3/4s of the way through Mansfield Park. I ho pe to finish Mansfield Park today.

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