Sunday, March 09, 2008

It is a start!

For right now, I think I'll start out by doing two things here on this blog : record my reading & my thoughts on that reading and also put together reading lists & things I want to look at more closely on the web. Today I have finished two books : Winter Study by Nevada Barr and Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis. Both were good books.

I found Winter Study disturbing because it has some pretty sick people in it. But the mention of the Wolf Winter Study and the details of life on Isle Royale were very moving. I'd like to try winter camping, despite the ordeal the various rangers go through while winter camping. Some very mysterious twists & turns in this novel. 370 pages

Elijah of Buxton is a Newberry honor winner and a Coretta Scott King winner, plus the book is also on the 2008 Michigan Notable Books. Just as fabulous I I remember it, and the description is compelling. The times & thoughts of that age are displayed well here. I loved that my grandfather's Tall Tales of the Catskills came through so clearly here. He also had the hoop snake story in his book, as Curtis does in Elijah. I don't think anyone writes young male characters better than Curtis does. He's also an engaging speaker, so if you have a chance to hear him.... go.

More later, as always.

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